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Photo Retouching

The work of our digital artists has graced the TV Times, Top Gear Magazine and various other publications.

Here is one case study from the booklet for the 2007 DVD release of the complete third series of Doctor Who. This shows before and after the work required to create a seamless shot from two mis-matched photos.

These skills can be applied to restoration of old family photographs, or company brochures.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Beyond the realms of simply repairing damaged photos, or removing unwanted family members, our team have the skills to totally rebuild images.

This image of the Colosseum was reconstructed entirely photographically without the aid of 3D modeling software.

We also cater for print adverts, business cards, and any other digital imagery you require.

Another application for photo-retouching is for gaining planning permission. When this office wanted a change to the frontage, this visualisation was created so that all parties could immediately understand the proposal.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.