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Website Hosting

If you want a website, you have to keep it somewhere. A website is stored on a server, and the "web space" is termed "hosting".

We supply hosting for our clients through one of a number of a servers which we manage. Our rates are based on the volume of traffic, support and disk space needed.

If you just have a domain name, such as then we can plug email into it, so that you can have for just £2.50 a month.

Check the availability of a domain name with our online form.

If you have a small company with limited web exposure, or you want to host a small hobby site, then for £5 a month we can provide an essential hosting package.

If you have a large website, or many staff who are highly dependent on their email, then you need our full hosting package at £10 a month. This comes with a huge amount of bandwidth and disk space, and we provide one-to-one telephone support.

Hosting is billed annually in advance. If clients with outstanding annual renewal bills wish to terminate their hosting agreements without prior norice then payment is due only for the current month and all services will be discontinued at the end of that month.