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Search Engine Optimisation

We are often asked "Can you get me listed high on Google?"

It's Google's job to look after its own index, and what we do is build a site which is clear and logical so that both humans and Google can understand it.

Be wary of companies which sell Search Engine Optimisation together with their web design packages. Because if a site is built well, filled with good content and your market place isn't crammed with the same product - then you may not need to pay for SEO at all.

Once a site has been launched, only then can you know if SEO is needed. If it goes to the top of Google straight away then paying for SEO up front would have been a rip-off. If it gets good rankings for unexpected keywords then you can adjust your content accordingly.

The number of direct competitors is the key factor in the battle for the top spots and how much they're spending on SEO will influence your strategy. If Google is unattainable then instead you can pay for clicks, use leaflets, or engage via social media. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are all important ways to engage with your audience.

Marketing is important but the first step is to get a website built!